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Liquid Wrench Diversion Stash Safe



The Liquid Wrench Diversion Stash Safe looks like a real product sitting in your garage, but in reality, it is a secret hiding place for valuables that you don't want a robber to find. Would be thieves will never know that inside this product is an actual secret compartment, keeping your valuables safe and in plain sight.

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The Liquid Wrench Diversion Hidden Stash Safe is a great way to safely hide your money, jewelry or other smaller valuable items. No potential thieves will ever know the difference from the real product. Simply twist off the cap and insert your valuables and place it in your garage or cabinet!

Our Diversion Safe products are made in a variety of household items such as beverage containers, household items and auto and garage products with removable openings to hide your valuables and are designed to go unnoticed by thieves and robbers. Each is indistinguishable from the genuine product and is even weighted to feel full.

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Liquid Wrench Diversion Stash Safe

Liquid Wrench Diversion Stash Safe